Key Features

Free To play

Legends of Mitra is completely free to play. You don't need to pay for anything or buy any NFT to get started. We provide you all that for free.

Play To Earn

The more you play Legends of Mitra, the more you earn in-game rewards, such as hero NFTs, Resources, MXP and MITA token.

Play To Own

Every NFT item you buy or earn for Free in Legends of Mitra is completely yours. You can keep, trade or sell it to other players. You decide!

Collect • Buy • Sale

Each hero or monster is an NFT which can be earned, bought or sold on our marketplace. You fully own them and they are yours to keep.

Play • Win • Earn

The more and better you play LoM, the more MITA and MXP tokens you will win. You can trade MITA and MXP or buy in-game items, NFTs and many more.

Legends of Mitra in Action

Watch some of our featured game play strategies, tips and tricks on how to earn the most reward on LoM.

Our Partners

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