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Compatible with Android and IOS. Download, play, have fun and earn. Coming soon...

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Available for both Windows and Mac PC. Download, play, have fun and earn. Coming soon...

Key Features

As a blockchain game, you are rewarded with MITA tokens when you play and heros you earn or buy are yours to own.

Play to Earn

You can play your way to the top without spending a penny and still earn tokens.

MITA Token

The more you play and engage in LoM the more rewards and MITA you will earn.


Truly own every character you buy in LoM. Collect, Trade, Buy and Sell from our marketplace.

Collect. Buy. Sell

Each Hero is an NFT which holds value and can be bought and sold on our marketplace.

Legends of Mitra in Action

Watch some of our featured game play strategies, tips and tricks on how to earn the most rewards on LoM.

Legends of Mitra : Promo Video

Legends of Mitra gameplay preview

Legends of Mitra : Game Play

Legends of Mitra : Heroine voice preview